Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Recent Favorite Shots

I thought I'd share a few more random shots I've taken recently. If you're shopping for a photographer, it's good to see what types of photos each one takes best, for example, posed, candids, etc.

An Artist in Every Way...
Cardon - the artist at Waimea Bay

Shared Treasures
Richie and Raleigh -- "Shared Treasures"

Creatures of the Sea
What a haul of octopi!

Climbing in Playhouse
Darling Lincoln

Raleigh -- after the game

Coconut for a Snack, Anyone?
Bringing home a coconut on his way home from school

Tattoos Gone Crazy!
Tattoos gone crazy!

Happy Hibiscus
Happy Hibiscus

Lincoln serious about whittling a stick

Koolau Mountains
Gorgeous Koolau Mountain Range

View from the H3
View from the H3

Father and Sons
Daddy and Sons at the Cemetery

Life is Good
Life is Good

Family Fun

Back of the Waves
Back of the Waves

Moon Rising - 2
Moon Rising

What an Upheaval!
What an Upheaval!

On the Road - Arizona
On the Road Again

Phoenix Sun-Rays
Phoenix Sun-Rays

Ruby - she found a little hole that she decided to stay in!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

VERY Cool Silver City, New Mexico

I took a little side-trip on my way home from one of my many travels lately and am so glad I did! Here are a few reasons why:

New Mexico Late Afternoon

Artful New Mexico Storefronts

Silver City Color

Shadows & Textures

Window Love

Church Windows

Thursday, February 10, 2011

San Diego Fun!

It's been hard to pick just a handful of photos for this post! So I'm posting MORE than a handful. It was so wonderful to be in beautiful San Diego for the weekend for granddaughter, Sunday's, special day. Enjoy!

Picking a Bouquet for Mama
Adorable Ruby picking bouquets for her Mama

Perfect Angel
The Perfect Little Angel, Sunday

Soft Skin
I can't resist baby hands!

Smell the pretty flowers!
The Perfect Place

Perfect Day
Beautiful Mama Kindsay with Sunday

Sunset Cliffs
Free as a bird

By the Seaside
Ruby having fun with Aunt Chelsea at Ocean Beach

Loving being back in San Diego

All the Girls
The Girls

Thumb & Blankie
What's better than a thumb, blankie, and Elmo?


Daddy & Daughter
Crazy Daddy and Daughter have so much fun together!

Seagull in the Sun
Seagull enjoying the afternoon sun

Mother, Baby Daughter

Baby Blessing Day
Baby Blessing Day -- Sunday's smiling face


Happy Family
Happy Little Family!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Favorite Hawaiians

It's always a joy to be able to photograph your loved ones -- especially grandchildren! Don't get jealous, My Children. You still get your fair share. Without further ado, here are just a FEW of many photos of my little "locals" of Hawaii, plus a few additional pics -- I just can't resist. It's paradise, after all.

The Best Smile
Happy and wonderful 7 year old Raleigh

Wonderful thinker and collector, "almost" 6 yr. old, Cardon

Climbing in Playhouse
Mischievous Lincoln -- see the twinkle in his eyes?

Hawaii - Boys' Paradise
A boy's Paradise! Who can resist touching an octopus?

After the Storm
My Sweet Richie..."After the Storm"

Visiting the Cemetery
Visiting the Cemetery - just a couple of minutes from home.


Temple at Twilight
Temple at Twilight

Dream Playground

Waimea Bay
Waimea Bay

One LIttle Hawaiian

Baby Gecko
Baby Gecko!

Koi, Koi, and more Koi!
Koi, Koi, and more Koi!

Hawaiian Preschool Fieldtrip
Preschool Fieldtrip to Dole Plantation

Snips & Snails & Puppydog Tails
Snips & Snails & Puppydog Tails. Excited about Fieldtrip.

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice
Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice. Preschoolers waiting for bus.


Tree Climber
Raleigh, the Tree-Climber

Basketball Player
The Basketball Player -- made 2 baskets that day!

The Groundskeeper
The Groundskeeper -- the work is NEVER done when you're in Hawaii!