Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Cold but Beautiful Day at White Sands National Monument

I've only been to White Sands when the skies were blue with a beautiful contrast to the white sand. This time it looked like we were on another planet with white on white until the clouds became dark and stormy. I thought the effect was awesome! Enjoy the photos of my kids that visited from San Diego!

Mother and Daughter
Beautiful Kindsay and Sunday

Natural Backdrop
Happy Ruby and Family!

Happy Family
Happy Family

Family Fun

Daddy and Daughter
Funny Daddy! (Erik)

At One with Nature
At One With Nature

Hiking Up the Sand Dune
Hiking up the Sand Dunes

Mother and Daughters
Mother and Daughters

Daddy/Daughter = Love!

Sledding on the Sand


Let's Go Sledding!

So Sweet
So Sweet

Ruby -- a little tired of being in the car seat:)

I've Got my Binky - I'm Happy!
Sunday - "I've got my Binky -- I'm happy!"

Sisterly Help
Sisterly Help. Getting ready for their "Ballet" performance!

Girly Girls
Girly Girls

Ballerina Ruby
Ruby really FEELING the music -- she danced the entire time with her eyes closed!

"Hello?" Sunday talking on the cat.

Friday, March 2, 2012

We Were Busy!

Our daughter and little grandsons came to visit and look where we went!
WARNING: TONS of photos!

Pristine Beauty
White Sands National Monument

We really missed Matt but were SOOO happy these three came! Thanks, Matt.

Cutie Cole -- Three Years Old

Art in the Sand
Art in the Sand

Look at this Sand!
Heather, taking photo with her IPhone

Me and My Shadow
Me and My Shadow

Hi There!


White Sands Missile Range & Museum
White Sands Missile Range and Museum

In Awe
The PERFECT place for us to go, as Cole's favorite thing in the world happens to be rockets!

Happy Camper
Happy Camper!

Tourist Shot
Tourist Shot -- Old Town Albuquerque

Art Gallery
Art Gallery

Big Blue Eyes
Hawk, 6 months old -- Big Blue Eyes

Albuquerque Church
Albuquerque Church

Proof of New Mexico Visit
Proof of New Mexico Visit!

Pigeon of El Paso
Pigeon of El Paso

Strummin N' Pickin
Strummin' N Pickin'. Las Cruce Farmer's Market

Johnny Florez Band
"Johnny Florez Band". I'll never be able to take enough photos of these people!

I went to watch our grandsons in Arizona for a few days -- I was in heaven!

Ready, Set, GO!
Lincoln -- Ready, Set, GO!

Cardon -- He says "The world is art."

8 Year Old Imp
Raleigh -- Our 8 year old imp! Stop growing so quickly, Raleigh!

Happy Family
Happy Family!

Beautiful Natalie