Sunday, January 15, 2012

Color Makes Me Happy

From the Loom
A woman with a spinning wheel at our Farmer's Market spun all this incredible goodness! My entire life I've wanted to learn how to spin. Why haven't I? Spinning and watercolor painting. I will learn how to do those two things before I die. I'd fill my home with both.

Gorgeous yarn that she spun.

Spinning Spool
Spinning Spool


The Johnny Florez Band
The Johnny Florez Band. I love these two! You go anywhere in Las Cruces, they're there.

Beautiful Music
Johnny's guitar is his friend.

Happy making beautiful music together:) They're not married. Just friends.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Glacier National Park, Montana. Year - 2006

I recently ran across a cd of some photos I took when my husband and I went to Glacier. They definitely make me want to go back! I thought I'd share them with you. Nature is always good for the soul...

Montana Autumn
"Montana Autumn"


River in Late Afternoon
"River in Late Afternoon"

Sunlit Valley in Glacier
"Sunlit Valley of Glacier"

Glacier National Park

Butterfly Leaves
"Butterfly Leaves"

Tunnel in Glacier


High on a Mountain Top
"High on a Mountain Top"


Have a Peak
"Have a Peak"

Glacier National Park

In the Pines
"In the Pines"


Gallatin Gateway Inn
"Gallatin Gateway Inn"

Gallatin Gateway Inn Interior


You Looking at Me?
"You Lookin' At Me?"

What a Car
This car was used to take dignitaries from the rail station (Gallatin Gateway) to Yellowstone Park.

Montana Barn
"I Love Montana"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some Las Cruces

Rosemary on Ice
"Rosemary On Ice". We had quite the snowstorms a couple of weeks ago!

Funny Cat
On a particularly cold and snowy day Curtis climbed right up and under this blanket! Funny cat.

"Just Take the Picture..."
Watching Snow Fall

Coas Books

Coas Books
The Most Amazing Used (and new) Bookstore I've Ever Been to in my Life. It goes on, and on, and on forever -- room after room! Coas Books, Las Cruces.

Long Day

Vinyl Records $3

A Bit of Everything
A Little Bit of Everything!

Selling Wares
Selling Wares @ Farmer's Market

Twirly Skirts
"Twirly Skirts"

Home on the Range
Patriotic Pickin'

Handmade is Best
Handmade is Best