Monday, November 14, 2011


I got to spend some time with my son and grandsons, and in-laws in Arizona. Some photos to document those cute faces!

Gone Fishin'
Gone Fishin'

Arizona Clouds
Arizona Skies

Brothers Fishing
In Gilbert and with their Great-Grandparents'. (They call them Great, Great, Great, Great Grandma and Grandpa!)


Grandson with Grandfather
Grandson with Grandfather

Generation to Generation
"Generation to Generation". Showing how to hook a worm. Teaching as his father taught him, as his father taught him, as his father taught him, etc.


Fun With Dad
Father and Sons



Just a Drive-By
A Drive-By

The Huddle
"The Huddle". What's cuter than a huddle of 5 yr. olds?

In the Game
"Go, Lincoln!"


Down the Field
Down the Field

Brotherly Concern
"Brotherly Concern". I loved this! On his own, Raleigh thought Lincoln was getting cold so he gave him his own jacket:)

Stop that Ball!
"Stop That Ball!"

Got It
"Got It"

My Grandsons
Such Fun! Wild Bird Feeders. Supplies: 1 Toilet Paper Roll, Spread with Peanut Butter, Roll in Bird Seed, Thread tube through branch of tree. Done!

Bird Feeder

Such Cute Cubs!

The Craft Master
Cardon -- the Crafter!

Art for Grandpa

Arizona Sunset
Arizona Sunset

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Taste of New Mexican Culture

These were taken at the Old Mesilla Plaza in New Mexico.

I asked the littlest girl if I could take her picture and within 3 seconds she'd organized the group! Haha! So cute.

"Bikers". How could I NOT ask to take their picture with the promise that I'd send them one?! Just standing there in a perfect spot, listening to the Mariachis.

Enjoying Mariachis
Enjoying Mariachis and Dancers



Ready to Go On
Getting Ready to Perform

Young Mariachi

A Perfect Scene
"A Perfect Scene". Mariachis & Dancers get together here every weekend from September through November. This Plaza is where Billy the Kid was convicted to hang. Site of the Butterfield Stage Line. Site of the Gadsden Purchase. So historic and appropriate for this kind of activity!


Mariachi and Violin
A Seasoned Mariachi with Violin

Take My Picture
She was DYING for her picture to be taken!

Local Bar
Local Bar on the Plaza -- everything looks pretty in evening light.

Southwest Shadows
Southwest Shadows


Big Chicken
"Big Chicken"

Off My Rocker
Off My Rocker

Evening Light in New Mexico
Late Afternoon Shadows

Rural New Mexico
Rural New Mexico

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Baby Blessing, and More

It was a wonderful experience to go to Utah for our 8th grandchild's (6th grandson) baby blessing. I was very "snap-happy". I apologize in advance for the number of photos, but how can I resist?

Adorable 2
Hawk Norton Mildenstein - Blessing Day

Cole being a great big brother

Adorable 3

Adorable 1

Proud Mama
Proud Mama

Daddy and Son
Father and Son

Mother and Son
Such a cuddly baby!

A Grandpa's First Meeting
A Grandpa's First Meeting! (My son-in-law's father)

Cole -- obsessed with baseball! So fun.

Baby "Toms"
How CUTE are these??

Mom & Dad's Bed
Sleeping Hawk

Angel Baby


Canned Peaches
We canned those luscious Utah fresh peaches!

I Found a Pear!
"I Found a Pear!" (Nicole hosted a fun hay ride at her parents' house!)

My Name is Dash
"Hi! I'm Dash."

Mother and Son
Lindsay and Rune, the Lumberjack

"Nice Horsey"
"Nice Horsey"

Provo Canyon, Utah
Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon, Utah
Utah in Autumn

Provo River, Utah
Constant, perfect. Provo River.