Monday, October 17, 2011

A Baby Blessing, and More

It was a wonderful experience to go to Utah for our 8th grandchild's (6th grandson) baby blessing. I was very "snap-happy". I apologize in advance for the number of photos, but how can I resist?

Adorable 2
Hawk Norton Mildenstein - Blessing Day

Cole being a great big brother

Adorable 3

Adorable 1

Proud Mama
Proud Mama

Daddy and Son
Father and Son

Mother and Son
Such a cuddly baby!

A Grandpa's First Meeting
A Grandpa's First Meeting! (My son-in-law's father)

Cole -- obsessed with baseball! So fun.

Baby "Toms"
How CUTE are these??

Mom & Dad's Bed
Sleeping Hawk

Angel Baby


Canned Peaches
We canned those luscious Utah fresh peaches!

I Found a Pear!
"I Found a Pear!" (Nicole hosted a fun hay ride at her parents' house!)

My Name is Dash
"Hi! I'm Dash."

Mother and Son
Lindsay and Rune, the Lumberjack

"Nice Horsey"
"Nice Horsey"

Provo Canyon, Utah
Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon, Utah
Utah in Autumn

Provo River, Utah
Constant, perfect. Provo River.


  1. I love these! Thank you SO SO much for taking them!

  2. I will never tire of looking at your beautiful pictures, Shelly... I especially love the one of Hawk sleeping!!

  3. Love the pictures Shelly!! Hawk looks like the perfect baby. Your pictures always seem to be telling a story. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us. Love you.

  4. I'm so glad you got to be there for Hawk's blessing. He's beautiful and so are all of these pictures.