Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Fun Visit

Our son, Erik, visited during the first part of his Spring Break. We had a great time! I had fun sharing the beautiful White Sands National Monument with him.

White Sands National Monument, NM

Having Fun!

My Peter Pan
The Eternal Kid!

In the White Dunes

Sky Dance
Always beautiful skies in New Mexico

Cloudcroft, New Mexico -- Barbeque
Cloudcroft, NM. Fun little restaurant! Cloudcroft was very similar to driving up to Julian, in San Diego.

Angles and Blossoms
It's beginning to look and feel like Spring!

Never Too Many Ristras
There can never be too many ristras!


  1. I love your photographs. You are so talented. Miss you.

  2. So clear and perfect! I have always been your biggest fan with pictures, love them. Hope things are good? Great to see your beautiful growing family.

  3. Do you remember the TV show, in the sixties, called Here Come the Brides? Their theme song started out like this: The blues skies you've ever seen are in Seattle... I think they hadn't ever seen the blue skies in New Mexico!!

    You really know how to capture the colors, Shelly...

  4. I TOTALLY remember Here Come the Brides! Hahaha! And now I'm singing the song... thanks, Lyn!

  5. I got to see Erik recently, and his beautiful family! It was great to see him! These pics are so gorgeous Shelly! Makes me want to visit!

  6. I'm so glad Erik got to see you. He had such a great time. I love you and I LOVE these pictures!!!! Beautiful!

  7. Wow! That sand really IS white! Gorgeous.

  8. I want to go to White Sands! That looks amazing!