Friday, July 1, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere! 1st Round...Hawaii

I had the opportunity to go see some of our children and grandchildren in Hawaii and San Diego. Enjoy with me a few choice moments! (Please excuse the sheer QUANTITY of photos -- How could I choose?!).

Best Friends
BEST FRIENDS -- Uncle Erik and Nephew Raleigh, happy to see each other again

Cute Lincoln
Lincoln -- as Copper as a Penny

Fish out of Water
"Fish Out of Water" - Cardon

Fun Day at the Beach
Fun Afternoon at Sunset Beach!

"Locals". Natalie and Richie


The Boys!
The Boys!

You Can Do It!
"You Can Do It, Ruby!"

A Walk In Paradise

Beach Day
Wonderful Daughters-in-Law with 5 of our 7 grandchildren together. Remember getting buried in the sand?

The Good Life!
"Mmmm -- SAND!" says Baby Sunday

Must Get to Water
Must Get to Water

Surprise! Uncle Erik & Aunt Kindsay surprised Raleigh with his own FACE cookies!

Sister Love
Sister Love -- Sunday and Ruby

Tropical Summer Sunset
Tropical Summer Sunset

Little Lincoln
Little Lincoln -- not really happy about this moving process...

Flowers of Hawaii
Gorgeous -- everywhere!

Mother and Daughter
Happy Annie and Natalie

Look-Alikes! Ruby and Mama, Kindsay

Party Animals!
Party Animals! They had a neighborhood "Aloha" Dance party

All Spent
All Tuckered Out


  1. great photos! wish i was there with you!

  2. This was such a great vacation!!!! Thanks for all of the amazing photos. Love you!

  3. Shelly, your kids are gorgeous, and the grandkids even more beautiful. So fun to see the families grow.

  4. I love so many of these, but mostly, I love the one of the dance party!!!!!