Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Went to Texas to help get our daughter and son-in-law moved. Even with their incredibly busy schedules they were able to show me enough of Austin that I immediately fell in LOVE with it! Amazing place... Fredericksburg, Texas First town in "Texas Hill Country" that we came to. Germans settled it and it still has that German flavor. Awesome place! I Could Live Here In a Second I could live here in a second! Fredericksburg. Austin, Texas Austin, Texas. Howdy I don't think they had his size... Cowboy Boots Galore Allen's Boots. This is just a small sampling of their selection. Clouds Make My Heart Soar Texas Skies Food Trucks on South Congress Food Trucks on South Congress in Austin. Austin Morning Austin Morning Gourdoughs "Gourdoughs". I have no words to adequately describe the fresh "donuts" made when you order. You haven't lived until you try one! So Cool "So Cool." Yarn Heaven "Yarn Heaven" Something For Everyone Something for everyone at Big Top Candy Shop! Delights Big Top Candy Shop More Big Top Candy Shop! Girls of Austin "Girls of Austin" -- taking a Sunday stroll along Ladybird Lake. Fetch! "Fetch!" Austin Skyline Austin Skyline Hula Hut "Hula Hut", on Lake Austin. The Saddle "The Saddle". They were the musical entertainment while waiting to eat the best BBQ in the world, at The Salt Lick. Salt Lick Texas From the Train From Austin to Fort Worth by Amtrak. Fun train ride! Rickety Shack from the Track So, THIS is a shanty! From the window of the train. Back in Time Back in Time. Texas Backcountry Texas Wildflowers Texas Wildflowers

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