Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fowl Paparazzi

This morning I got up VERY early to go check out the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. I discovered when I got there that I should have gotten up even earlier! I stopped at the Visitor's Center to pick up a map and when I came out to the car all these MAJOR "birders" with all their photography equipment were RUNNING with their cameras, BIG lenses, and tripods. I asked a straggler where they were going and he said, pointing up in a tree (with reverence in his voice, I might add) "A Merlin!" In my ignorance, I thought it looked like a normal hawk, but tonight I came home and discovered that a Merlin is a type of falcon. So now I know.

Anyway, about my fellow birders....let's just say -- I had no idea.... I'm being so educated. Now, on to my incredible morning among the wildlife -- it made my heart soar!

Fowl Paparazzi

This is Merlin

Beautiful Bosque, Icy Water
There is a thin layer of ice on the water and there was definitely ice in the air!

Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane in Flight

Sandhill Cranes

Flying over Domain
Harris' Hawk

In Flight
Harris' Hawk landing

Fowl Paparazzi
More Paparazzi

Cranes and Snow Geese
Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese

Snow Geese Flying
Snow Geese

Snow Geese

Bottoms-Up! Haha! These ducks made me laugh. It was obviously feeding time.


  1. WOW!! These pictures are FANTASTIC, and breath-taking! I'm so glad that last picture is of birds, and not men....

  2. Nice photos, Shelly! I love the one w/the thin ice contrasting w/the red in the background. No photos of Colorado Sub's?

  3. No, but it sure wasn't for the lack of them! Haha!