Friday, December 3, 2010

More Basque del Apache Wildlife Refuge

I hope you don't mind humoring me a little more! There was just way too much beauty to partake of at the Wildlife Refuge to not share. Enjoy!

Brick-Colored Reeds

Sandhill Crane - Close Up
Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane Taking Off
Oops! I got too close!

"Basqueing" in the Sun

Ducks Taking Off
SO many ducks! Northern Pintail

This Duck is Walking on Thin Ice
This duck is walking on thin ice!

Northern Pintails
Northern Pintails

Red-Tail Hawk in Flight
Red-Tail Hawk in Flight

Serene Cranes

Sandhills Dead Ahead

Simple Beauty

Flock of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes
The sheer numbers of Snow Geese was overwhelming!

Snow Geese
Snow Geese


Cranes behind Reeds
Cranes behind reeds

Paintbrush through Sky
Paintbrush Through Sky

Sandhill Crane in Tree

Snow Geese in Flight

I may, or may not, share more...


  1. The shot 3rd from the top in this post is amazing. Great work.

  2. ah, grandma would love these! you're so good aunt shelly, i love you lots!
    i'm glad i just found out your blog existed.

  3. Oh Shelley what a treasure I stumbled upon via Chelsea. These are lovely. What a neat place to photograph.

    ps. this is AJ not Jake

  4. Shelley, hi I wanted to let you know that I found another source for the full length "Alice Dancing Under the Gallows" trailer. I didn't know if you had noticed they took it down. Anyway i've put it back up on my blog:
    & I love these photos. We had a crane that frequented a pond behind our place in North Carolina & my oldest son always got so excited to see it because he thought it was a pterodactyl

  5. AJ -- thank you so much! I love that you found me!

    JaNae -- I appreciate you sending that to me. I had noticed that they took it down. SO amazing that I think of it often! And thanks for the compliment on my photos!