Sunday, January 15, 2012

Color Makes Me Happy

From the Loom
A woman with a spinning wheel at our Farmer's Market spun all this incredible goodness! My entire life I've wanted to learn how to spin. Why haven't I? Spinning and watercolor painting. I will learn how to do those two things before I die. I'd fill my home with both.

Gorgeous yarn that she spun.

Spinning Spool
Spinning Spool


The Johnny Florez Band
The Johnny Florez Band. I love these two! You go anywhere in Las Cruces, they're there.

Beautiful Music
Johnny's guitar is his friend.

Happy making beautiful music together:) They're not married. Just friends.


  1. What is it about yarn that is so beautiful?!??!!

  2. I will definitely stop at the farmers market and the book store next time we pass through Las Cruces (which should be next July). If only Glacier National Park was on the way, too. Your pictures make me want to go there too!

  3. ah! those colors!
    i'd buy your yarn goods and watercolor paintings.